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Manage your water filling efficiently and profitably

In countries where fresh water is delivered by tanker our systems allow facility managers to centrally control access and discharge of designated volumes with minimum loss.

Inaccurate information can lead to:

  • Inaccurate and costly administration functions
  • Inaccurate billing and costly lack of visibility of what clients should be charged
  • Lack of real time information

By taking control of these issues you will avoid missed billing opportunities. You will be able to manage your supplies and tankers more efficiently - resulting in better profitability.

What we deliver

  • Gate control tanker validation
  • Automatic filling device and cut off sensor
  • Instant, real time discharge monitoring and notification system
  • Online, real time, management reporting and pre-paid or account based streamlined billing
  • Real time tanker monitoring

One system for complete visibility, increased efficiency and maximum profitability

Gate Control

The system includes a range of gate controls that will handle everything. You can restrict access to ensure only those with the correct identification can enter. Our simple system consists of a local controller using valid key fobs or cards to provide you with flexibility to decide who has is allowed to gain entry at a particular site.

More commonly the gate controller consists of a network linked to the main gate system and conditions of entry can be imposed. These can be specific to certain personnel, visitors, customers and client. Alerts can be created when designated key fobs or cards are presented. For sites where access is dependent on account credit the system allows or denies access based on user set limits. The system is also used for sites where time restrictions for access are in place. 

The benefits:

  • Improved security and control of access for all vehicles
  • Automatic control and alert for vehicles restricted either by time constraints or account default
  • Improved information on all entries to site
  • Secure audit trail of all entries to site
  • Traceability audit
  • Reduced workload
  • Visibility of third party if applicable
  • Data is transferred to management system automatically
  • The information is available on the web (password controlled)

Filling Device

Making filling quick and easy

Utilising our powerful family of logging systems we provide accurate recording of the quantity of water received by each individual tanker.

At the water filling station the driver couples up his tanker to the outlet and, once logged on with his smart card or key fob, the water is pumped into the tanker.

When the tanker has been filled, the system closes the actuated control valve utilising an automated ultrasonic sensing system if required.

Data captured is either transmitted immediately by GPRS, or can be securely stored within the system logger to be downloaded via the on-board modem to a central management point for analysis and billing purposes. 

The benefits:

  • Streamlined revenue collection
  • Improved control of deliveries
  • Account information on individual load parameters
  • Secure audit trail of all tanker activities
  • Traceability audit of deliveries
  • Reduced workload on drivers
  • Visibility of third party/contracted tankers
  • Automatic data transfer to management systems
  • Web available information (password controlled)

Discharge Monitoring

Giving you the real time information and control you need

Our system makes it easy for facility managers to centrally control access and discharge of designated volumes with minimum loss. This makes everything run more smoothly, efficiently and profitability.

It provides you with the following information:

  • Site Availability
  • Accurate recording to enable charges to be raised.
  • Source, date and time of each transaction.
  • Remote lock out ability to allow access to only valid clients.
  • How volumes match quotas (if restrictions are imposed)
  • Pre-paid as well as account based customers

Management Reporting

Online, real time, management reporting and streamlined billing

Tidon - GX Environmental online software suite provides:

  • All customer details in one place
  • Complete plant and tanker transaction information
  • Accurate tanker identification, day, date, time and volume of each transaction
  • Historic reporting of all tanker discharge
  • Account based or pre-paid charging system
  • Streamlined billing, revenue collection and administration
  • Historic reporting and analysis

The system makes it easy for you to access complete management information in real time, every time.This allows increased focus on operational efficiency, reduces waste and unaccountable loss whilst minimising administrative costs.

Tanker Monitoring

Real time tanker monitoring

GX have developed a mini-logger with GPS and GPRS modem that allows you to not only track individual vehicles but also collect analogue and digital signals in real time. His enables the monitoring of vehicle functions such as high revving, excessive braking, speed and location in addition to monitoring the collection or discharge of the load.

Route or address changes can be relayed to the driver via SMS or the addition of in-cab terminals.
Clients are now able to geo fence pick-up and discharge locations and monitor the daily operations ensuring maximum efficiency.

This powerful tracking and monitoring system provides:

  • Reduction in maintenance and service costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved visibility
  • Reduced site visits and administration costs
  • Improved reporting on job status
  • Raised quality of management information
  • Reduced management overheads
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Improved traceability of misuse
  • Increased security